By: Cedar Point Recovery 19 May 2016

Usually, the case is not whether substance abusers will come clean about their addiction, but rather, when. It’s instinctual to hide the habit given the social stigma attached; but there is such a thing as one too many, and all your efforts to conceal your habit will crumble. There’s no archetype for how revealing your addiction to your family and loved ones will go, but there are a few steps you can take to prepare when you think it’s time.

Coming Clean

When you have an addiction, your whole life revolves around that addiction. When will you partake? What will you do to hide it? It may work at first, but eventually, complacency and fatigue set in, and your family and those who are familiar with you prior to your dependent habit will notice. Know when to fold, and come clean when you realize you’re in over your head.

Remember That Your Family Loves You…

… because that’s what they do. Loving you is a part of who they are. So nothing you say to them could stop them from doing so. They want to help you. Due to their desire to help you, your responsibility to them is, to be honest with them, lay it all out on the table. They won’t be able to help without knowing the true extent of your addiction. Bear in mind that this same love shared will invoke more emotions than either party wants to handle. To lessen the possibility of saying things purely out of a single, debilitating emotion, it would be best to outline what you wish to share with them prior to the meeting.

What’s Next?

Never discount what a big step coming clean is! Nonetheless, this may be the tenth time you are ‘coming clean’, without a plan for your recovery. How will you improve your life? Your family needs to know that you’re sorry but equally important is your plan for your rehabilitation, which you need to discuss with them.

Take a Deep Breath and Be Ready To Commit

Just plunge. The only way to get through recovery is to just start. Don’t give yourself a ‘perfect date’ to start. Just do it. It will no doubt be scary, but that’s where your family comes into the equation. Use them for support, and remember that we all have weak moments that may cause us to regress a bit. The important thing is that you don’t give up. Just think about how much easier it will be for you to go about your daily life, once you get over the initial obstacles. It will be a good feeling knowing that there are no more secrets.

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