By: Cedar Point Recovery 21 Jun 2016

Recent drug trends reveal that celebrities are not the only ones gaining fame in California. The counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have seen a recent spike in drug abuse, and overdose cases attributed to opioids and cocaine.

Los Angeles

Heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana usage runs rampant in this county. Residents are also no strangers to binge drinking. Data from 2010-2012 collected by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) for citizens over the age of 12 reports:

  • 21 percent have partaken in the act of binge drinking
  • 3 percent used an illicit drug in the past month, with 2 percent using cocaine in the past year
  • 5 percent took pain medication, not prescribed to them, for non-medical reasons

San Diego and San Francisco

San Diego representatives reported to the Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) – whose role has now been replaced by the National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) – that there has been an increase in usage of heroin and morphine. It was also observed that users are moving from prescription opioids to heroin.

San Francisco is experiencing increased usage of methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, and opioids, especially heroin.
Data revealed:

  • 13 percent of residents over the age of 12 use marijuana
  • 25 percent of residents over the age of 12 reported binge drinking, with 11 percent abusing or being dependent on alcohol
  • 5 percent of residents over the age of 12 used pain medication not prescribed to them – similar to that of Los Angeles
  • 4 percent used cocaine, with 3 percent abusing, or being dependent on other illicit drugs

Treatment Admissions and Drug Seizures

With methamphetamine being Los Angeles’ biggest problem, it is no surprise that 38.5 percent of all drugs seized belonged to this group. For San Francisco, one-third of the 29 percent of opioids seized was heroin. This information aligns with the treatment admissions reports, as 4,045 of the 10,689 admissions were for patients dependent on heroin. Despite methamphetamines being more widely used in Los Angeles than heroin, the county saw an increase in admissions related to both these drugs, 24.6 percent, and 30.1 percent respectively, however, an overall decrease in admission was seen between 2013 and 2014.

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