By: Cedar Point Recovery 23 Aug 2016

In considering which treatment program is appropriate, it would be beneficial to do specific tests, such as assessing your stress levels. There are many risk factors associated with drug abuse, but there are also those which put one at risk for leaving a program before its completion.

A study has found stress to be a prominent risk factor. It is impossible to remove the stressors which life has to offer. Being knowledgeable about exactly what is going on in one’s life will improve the results of the treatment program. Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) is a revered choice for those overcoming opioid abuse. Despite this fact, the rate of those patients that drop out is nonsensically high.

The aforementioned study found that those with normal stress levels are more likely to stick to a treatment program, while those presenting high cortisol levels, a physiological indication of extreme stress, are most likely to drop out. Making the choice to achieve sobriety was a hard one. Lay it all on the table in order to ensure that the treatment received is the one for you.

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