By: Cedar Point Recovery 30 Jun 2016

Is there a link between opioid use and depressions? While the exact relationship between prescription opioids and depression has not been identified, studies have shown that there is indeed a link.

One particular study investigated the effect that the use of opioid prescriptions codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, etc, have on the long-term development of depression. The subjects used in this study were separated into groups based on the duration of use of each medication. The data revealed that depression was more prevalent in prolonged usage – 14.4 percent for more than 90 days – as compared to a shorter time frame – 11.6 percent when used for less than 30 days. A similar study had comparative results, with the chance of depression being 19 percent and 8.4 percent when the opioids were used for more than 90 days, and less than 30 days, respectively. It should be noted that the participants had no prior history of depression, nor were they seasoned opioid users. 

The study findings indicate that the longer the opioids are used, the greater risk of depression. Seek alternative options before resorting to the treatment of your chronic pain with opioid prescription drugs.

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