By: Cedar Point Recovery 11 Aug 2016

Bottling up emotions is dangerous for any individual. This mental strain can present itself physically as well, and increase your chances of substance abuse. This danger is multiplied for someone who is going through recovery from substance abuse, as it puts him or her at risk for relapsing. Talking about your feelings can be intimidating and there are many thoughts that may hinder one from doing so. You fear you may be a burden to others, or maybe they simply won’t understand. While talk therapy is recommended, there are alternatives to ensure that you manage your emotions in a healthy way.


the subject of art is expansive. It includes drawing, sculpting, pottery, dancing, music, and even writing. Take your pick and see if there is anything that can pique your interest. Art therapy is a growing field in psychology, so it must have some clout. Use your negative emotions to help you create something beautiful. It may even help your self-esteem.


let the tears flow. It’s a normal reaction to a painful situation; so do not feel embarrassed if you feel yourself getting tearful. You might feel more comfortable crying in your own space; so once you’re alone, let it flow. It’s your body’s own personal way of releasing tension. Go with it.


release your inner child and just play. Try to have some fun. Think of an activity you used to enjoy, or plan a day with a child in your family. Getting back to your playful roots may just be the trick you need. If you were never playful, explore this new arena. Anything to remind you that life isn’t so bad.

There is always a solution. The key is to find the one that fits your situation. Be afraid, but don’t be crippled by the fear. Do what’s right for you, and don’t bottle it up.

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