By: Cedar Point Recovery 18 Aug 2016

Preparation is the best tool when facing something new. Before one becomes intimidated by the thought of seeking methamphetamine addiction treatment, it may be helpful to become more knowledgeable about the process of gaining sobriety at a treatment center.

The Beginning of Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment: Consultation

At this stage, there will be a twofold assessment. A counselor will be evaluating you and your addiction, as you simultaneously assess whether or not this is the right place for you. They will most likely propose a recovery plan for your methamphetamine addiction treatment, which you may alter to suit your level of comfort and needs. It is important to come to this step with an idea of what you are looking for.


Upon choosing a center and program, the next step is to cleanse your blood of the drug you’re trying to break away from, and any other accompanying it. This will produce some possibly adverse physical and mental reactions known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms that are commonly seen when stopping meth abuse are fatigue, hypertensive reactions, hypersomnia and insomnia, change in appetite, tremors, etc. These will most likely appear within the first few hours of detoxification, and increase in intensity as the days progress.

Other Alterations During Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

While detoxification is a big part of recovery, it would be next to pointless without also taking a look at the mental and emotional aspects of your addiction. Getting to the root of the addiction during treatment may limit the chances of relapse in the future. Psychotherapy has a good reputation when it comes to meth recovery. You will address your addiction individually with your counselor. Combining this with family and group sessions – which is your main support system – is highly recommended for the complete picture. These therapy sessions will allow you, and those helping you along the journey, to learn the best way to handle harmful situations which may bring you back to square one.

Moving Along

Before leaving the supervised grounds of the methamphetamine addiction treatment center and transitioning back to your life, your prevention plan must be solid. Think of all the ways you will handle your cravings and the like when they show their debilitating heads; as well as how you will regain your independence, be that through gainful employment or advancing your education. There are organizations that assist in situations such as these. You may also want to consider a twelve-step program such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Your future is in your hands, but you can find help.

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