By: Cedar Point Recovery 07 Jun 2016

In the recent past, it’s been popular to preach about the importance of positive energy, and spiritual health on a whole, in achieving goals in our daily lives. This mentality can be applied to one’s recovery as well. When you consider your recovery, is it a means for you to get, and stay sober, or are you merely trying not to relapse? The approach to each of these is one of success, and one of failure, respectively. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is what you will achieve, so if you envision your recovery path from a negative frame of mind, chances are you will fail, and vice versa. You may be quick to write this off as hocus pocus, but research supports this view.

What’s the Real Danger?

You may be thinking that doing something with the goal of not failing is acceptable because who wants to fail? This is not to be taken as an excuse to fail. Concentrating on not failing will result in irrational behavior in the face of unavoidable perils that will most likely ensue. An unwelcoming event may occur, and instead of taking the time to see what can be done to correct it, and make it better, you continue full-speed ahead. You fear that admitting to yourself, and others, that you made a blunder somewhere along the line, that equates to you failing and thus, you threaten your chance at ultimate success in recovery.

Stress Less

If you know that a lot of your energy goes into worrying about each waking minute, praying that you don’t slip up, stop. It does no good. How many times have you followed this path, only to find yourself ‘failing’ by partaking in drug use, because you were too stressed out? Take a deep breath, and go about your daily life as someone who is already sober, not someone trying not to take drugs.


Train yourself to think of ways you can help yourself, instead of ways which will harm your recovery. You already know that one circle of friends encourages drug use, so think of friends who will encourage your recovery. Only considering the scenarios which may cause you to fail limits your field of vision. Gain some perspective, and flip the script. Remember, the only real failure is you giving up on trying altogether.

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