By: Cedar Point Recovery 09 Aug 2016

So, you’ve been in recovery for a while now, and you’ve been attending your 12-step meetings. This may have you contemplating becoming a sponsor to someone. The trick is to let them come to you. Lead by example and maybe your story will inspire someone new to recovery to turn to you for that extra bit of help and support they need.

Sponsorship is a huge responsibility but there are rewards to be reaped. While helping your sponsee to maintain their sobriety, it may also help yours. They become accountable to you, and so as to be a good example, this may cement your own sobriety. You must ensure that you are in a position to handle this job however. Helping yourself first is key. Being a sponsor can be emotionally draining, so be sure that you’re stable enough to take on the emotional responsibility. Make sure the chemistry is right, and be the best you can be.

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