By: Cedar Point Recovery 19 Jul 2016

Alcohol and nicotine used together can be a powerful addiction as they trigger different neurons in the brain. Professional help may be needed to overcome this addiction.

Despite the highly addictive nature of nicotine and the risks that accompany its use, it is not thought to be as dangerous a drug as cocaine or heroin. Nonetheless, nicotine use has been found to be psychologically and biologically addictive. The addiction happens easily partially due to the high rate of absorption of nicotine once the nicotine has been ingested. There is a myriad of ways in which nicotine may be consumed from the traditional cigarettes and cigars to the more modern electronic cigarettes.

Alcohol and Nicotine

As it turns out, studies indicate that the risk of alcohol dependence increases by five to ten times with the combined use of nicotine. A nicotine addiction on its own may include periodic craving. When coupled with alcohol, this feeling for both substances is gravely increased on account of an alteration of the reward centers in the brain. Different neurons in the brain are triggered when nicotine and alcohol are used together as compared with taking each substance alone.
 Seek professional assistance if you find yourself addicted or overusing both alcohol and nicotine. It can be a difficult situation to deal with alone, but never too late to get help!

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