By: Cedar Point Recovery 02 Aug 2016

Leaving a rehab program is a challenge for multiple reasons. Transitioning back to society is made difficult due to the stigma, lifestyle effects of your past addiction, and possible debts racked up from your recovery bills. It’s for reasons such as these, amongst others, that it is highly recommended to have people around for support.

Given that you don’t have this support, sober living homes are thought to be a viable option. The unfortunate truth is, however, there is no regulation for these homes, and as such, the ride may have more bumps than expected.

The lack of regulation leaves room for a lack of proper management. This can snowball into the residents falling off the horse and relapsing, and not keeping up to date with their support group attendance. This, in turn, will make it that much harder for those who would like to maintain their sobriety. There may also be no activities put in place to help build responsibility, alongside an improper usage of space.

Government officials are pushing for proper regulation of these homes, but in the meantime, there are alternative measures to be taken to help you stay on track. This may range from scheduling regular visits with a professional to ensure you are managing recovery properly, to simply getting a pet. A pet grants a sense of responsibility and taking care of another living thing might encourage you to continue taking care of yourself.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Work on building your self-esteem and the burden will ease the further along you go. Remember to cut yourself some slack, as mistakes are natural. Just keep improving on your last attempts.

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