By: Cedar Point Recovery 16 Aug 2016

The mistake is thinking change is easy. It almost never is. However, it is, in the right circumstances, necessary. One such circumstance would most definitely be someone battling an addiction.

There are many different ways in which someone with an addiction condition must evoke change in their lives, with the most obvious one being to cease the substance abuse. This will most likely involve a treatment center that will oversee the detoxification and treatment process in the beginning. Upon leaving the treatment center, however, the onus is on you to maintain this new physical change that you’ve achieved.

Maintaining the path of sobriety may be easier if you remove the ties to your past life such as places visited, and friendships made. This, again, will not be an easy feat. Breaking bonds made may shake you up, which may seem detrimental in the fragile state of recovery, but sooner is better than later. It will be easier to stay sober once the reminders and triggers of your days of abuse are no longer in plain view. This effect will then be strengthened with the addition of a changed view on life, a more positive view. The mind is a powerful thing; so altering your thoughts to complement the other changes to be made will be a good booster.

Finally, don’t think of what you are losing. Rather, think of what you will be gaining by changing the path of your life. Complete, raw honesty, and facing some hard revelations will lead to long-term happiness in your future. Don’t you deserve that?

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