By: Cedar Point Recovery 14 Jun 2016

People with addictions already have a voice of judgment internally, so the last thing they need is people, especially loved ones, offering up their own twist of judgment and discrimination. It’s easy to think that addiction could never happen to you, or anyone you care for, thus justifying hurtful statements spewed about those affected. Addiction is a disease which can be treated, but being a disease of the mind, it makes it tedious. Treatment involves rewiring thoughts and actions, and unlike the flu, the cause is not known, as it varies from one person to another, thus making the process more challenging.

The Stigma

Just as with any other mental disorder, a person is not their addiction, but rather, the addiction is an obstacle they have to overcome. In overcoming this hurdle, it would be helpful if there weren’t the thought that people with an addiction were worthless and unworthy of consideration. It makes it that much harder for someone to cope and come clean about needing help, for fear of being judged and ridiculed. This stigma perpetuates the mindset in the minds of addicts that they can’t be helped, thus enhancing their innate feelings of low self-worth. This berating will only act as a catalyst for an addict to use, as they require the haven that the drugs have become.

The Solution

Coping is hard enough without being judged, especially by loved ones. For addicts to get help, they have to get to a position in which they accept responsibility for their actions. This is made easier in an environment that is uncritical and forgiving, thus reducing the use of drugs.

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