Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Professionals in California

The highly skilled treatment team at Cedar Point Recovery brings an effective combination of knowledge, experience, compassion, and understanding to customized treatment programs that can help anyone overcome drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

The treatment team at Cedar Point offers unparalleled dedication to your overall well-being and recovery.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Program in California

Our skills and expertise set Cedar Point Recovery apart. We provide our clients with substance abuse and addiction treatment plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

Addictions may share many aspects, but each substance – and each client – carries a unique set of challenges. Counselors at Cedar Point can help you develop the tools that you will need to overcome those challenges and to achieve long-term recovery.

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Heroin Addiction


No longer just an urban problem, heroin is in all communities and touches age groups as young as early high school. The cycle of use and craving makes quitting very difficult.

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Prescription drugs

The fastest growing problem is prescription medication abuse. Between 2005-2011, 15.7 million Americans reported using prescription drugs for “non-medical” reasons.

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Even though it’s legal, alcohol is a drug that can devastate the lives and health of people with drinking problems, and the people around them.

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Teens problems


Cocaine causes feelings of euphoria and energy by overstimulating the brain’s pleasure and motivation centers. Users quickly become dependent upon the drug to feel pleasure.

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Legalization efforts are creeping across the country, but marijuana is a drug and marijuana addiction is real. Chronic users experience adverse physical and psychological effects when they use and when they try to quit.

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Drug abuse

Drug abuse happens when someone uses drugs in an amount or at a frequency that is harmful to the user, or the people around him. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes obsessive drug seeking and consumption, regardless of the consequences.

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