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  • The WHY Behind Cedar Point Recovery: Rebecca Harris

    By: Cedar Point Recovery14 Aug 2017

    I have been working in the field of addictions for over nine years. I have been fortunate to work in many different treatment modalities including out-patient, residential, and detox. After seeing the need to treatment women with addictions,...

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  • Is It Easy, or Necessary?

    By: Cedar Point Recovery16 Aug 2016

    The mistake is thinking change is easy. It almost never is. However, it is, in the right circumstances, necessary. One such circumstance would most definitely be someone battling an addiction. (more…)

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  • Pay It Forward: The Benefits of Sponsorship

    By: Cedar Point Recovery09 Aug 2016

    So, you've been in recovery for a while now, and you've been attending your 12-step meetings. This may have you contemplating becoming a sponsor to someone. The trick is to let them come to you. Lead by example and maybe your story...

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  • Designer Drugs: The Dark Side of the Club

    By: Cedar Point Recovery05 Jul 2016

    One of the biggest euphemisms in the world of drugs is the group of drugs classified as club or designer drugs. While the drugs themselves are dangerous, the potential for harm is compounded by the fact that you can never be certain...

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  • Sacramento Rehab Center

    Announcing Our Holiday Open House

    By: Cedar Point Recovery18 Nov 2015

    Please Join in the Festivities


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