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  • Do People in Recovery Make Lousy Employees?

    By: Mark Lamplugh04 Aug 2017

    It’s natural to worry about the work performance of an employee who is in the process of recovery or who recently became sober. Employers worry about former addicts having a relapse on the job and negatively impacting the company....

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  • That Thing Called Stress

    By: Cedar Point Recovery23 Aug 2016

    In considering which treatment program is appropriate, it would be beneficial to do specific tests, such as assessing your stress levels. There are many risk factors associated with drug abuse, but there are also those which put one...

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  • Amphetamine vs Methamphetamine

    Amphetamine vs. Methamphetamine

    By: Cedar Point Recovery26 Jul 2016

    While both potent drugs, there are discernable differences between amphetamine vs methamphetamine. Amphetamine, available by prescription, can be used to treat certain disorders such as ADHD and weight loss. Methamphetamine is not available...

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  • Alcoholism Facts

    The Bare Bones Facts: Alcohol’s Harmful Effects

    By: Cedar Point Recovery21 Jul 2016

    Excessive drinking can take a toll on one’s body including the breakdown of bone mass known as alcoholic bone disease. Fortunately though, once drinking stops, these results can be reversed. Alcoholism facts can convince your loved...

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  • What are Americans addicted to?

    By: Cedar Point Recovery14 Jul 2016

    What is an addiction? Merriam-Webster defines it as the persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. While the topic of addiction may generally focus on drugs and harmful substances, Americans have many...

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  • Everyone Deserves The Right to Heal

    By: Cedar Point Recovery12 Jul 2016

    Treatment for criminal drug offenders has been shown to reduce rates of recidivism. Whether drug offenders receive treatment while behind bars or treatment as the sole option, they should be made knowledgeable of the resources available...

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  • All Things in Moderation

    By: Cedar Point Recovery07 Jul 2016

    Much like prescription drugs, caffeine is one drug that due to its common use and legality, is overlooked as being potentially harmful. Approximately 82 percent of the American population enjoy coffee in their daily diet, at an average...

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  • Designer Drugs: The Dark Side of the Club

    By: Cedar Point Recovery05 Jul 2016

    One of the biggest euphemisms in the world of drugs is the group of drugs classified as club or designer drugs. While the drugs themselves are dangerous, the potential for harm is compounded by the fact that you can never be certain...

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  • Temporary High for an Incurable Low OR ‘High’ Isn’t the Whole Picture

    By: Cedar Point Recovery30 Jun 2016

    Is there a link between opioid use and depressions? While the exact relationship between prescription opioids and depression has not been identified, studies have shown that there is indeed a link. (more…)

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  • Potential Danger on the Shelves – The Dangers of Powdered Alcohol

    By: Cedar Point Recovery28 Jun 2016

    California seems to have another battle to fight with the legalization of powdered alcohol, a product marketed by Lipsmark LLC. The state is desperately trying to invoke a ban on the sale of this product branded “Palcohol”, as it...

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