By: Cedar Point Recovery 26 May 2016

Crystal meth, short for crystal methamphetamine, is a form of the drug methamphetamine. It has been traditionally linked to male Caucasian, blue-collar workers. In fact, Meth labs had essentially taken over rural communities from prison gangs to bikers. However, in most recent years, with the availability of the Internet, Crystal Meth has increased its usage and popularity crossing social, cultural, and economic lines. One reason may be that Crystal meth is easy to produce and locate.

Since the 1980s, crack cocaine has been the drug of choice in the suburbs but now, things are changing. Crystal meth is finding its way into the suburbs and inner cities and is rivaling in popularity with crack cocaine.

In times past, it was rare to locate crystal meth in the inner city. Though methamphetamine is an old drug that ebbed and flowed in popularity, the current Meth epidemic is of more concern because geographic and social barriers that used to keep Meth use contained no longer exist. It used to be that crystal meth was considered a “white” drug used by ravers, tweakers and motorcycle gangs. It had been the “go to” drug for long-haul truckers and people in jobs that require them to be alert for long hours. Similar to crack in the 1980s however, meth is now overwhelming and overpowering American cities.

California is where the production of crystal meth began and now gangs in California prisons are working directly with drug cartels. Gang members are using dealers to push drugs into their communities through connections made in the prisons and without a doubt, crystal meth has infected the inner cities of Los Angeles.

It’s simple supply and demand. If you know a little about the drug economy, you can make the easy calculation that with the decrease in requests for cocaine and the increase in weed factories all across Los Angeles, the most gainful and profitable illegally imported substance is crystal meth. What was once a small-time business with cooks who took recipes from the Internet, has evolved into a large industry for the drug cartels. The cartel, in essence, has removed small-scale homemade meth from the equation replacing it with their diluted products and turning this industry into a lucrative, larger scale business. Crystal Meth is in abundance, obtainable and affordable.

Quite shockingly, the news networks have not done much reporting on this rising epidemic. Like crack cocaine in the 1980s, it might take quite a few years before the authorities and the media get a lead on crystal meth.

Immediate action needs to be taken to prevent another dangerous drug epidemic in California and throughout the United States. The local, state and federal government, police force and public health officials must realize the direness of the situation and deal with it promptly. Drug addiction is a plague in our society and with the drug cartels aggressively pushing crystal meth among the population, this crisis won’t be eradicated anytime soon.

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